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Weekend gatherings to learn about the world’s biggest problems and their most promising solutions

The School of Social Change

Our weekend retreats are an invitation to slow down, think deeply, and engage in meaningful discussion about the most pressing issues of our day.

We gather folks that don’t usually cross paths, but whose partnership is essential to solving problems. We meet in places that connect us back to our humanity and that offer the perspective only nature can provide.


Retreats that inspire change

How it works

We believe a range of societal forces created our biggest issues, and that only collaborating in concert across sectors will get at the root of the problems.

Our speakers together represent a systemic viewpoint - those with lived experience, lawyers, policymakers, business leaders, scientists, technologists, artists, philosophers, historians and psychologists. Our attendees are those in traditional power structures with the ability to affect the issue (foundations, policy makers, corporate leaders, venture capitalists), up and coming and enduring change-makers working to solve the problem, and supporters ready to take action (voters, donors, volunteers, CSR professionals).

In addition to getting a deep immersion into the issue itself, we also take a look inward - what kind of emotional, physical and spiritual place do we want to be in to attack this issue? What skills, talents, passions, or assets could we uniquely contribute? How do we take of ourselves along the way.



Conversations that nurture passion

Who it’s for

Join us to talk honestly and openly as equals where everyone has a voice.

You’re awake about an issue but don’t know what to do, you find yourself passionately angry but don’t fully understand the problem, you’ve been in the sector for a long time but don’t feel inspired as you ‘should’, or you think there are new ideas out there you need to hear about it.

You wouldn’t be caught dead at a conference in a hotel ballroom, or you just retired and want to find a way to give back. Perhaps you’re just starting out and want to find a meaningful career or volunteer opportunity.

Maybe you’re in the privileged position of advising your company on an issue and you want to be as responsible as possible, you might be in charge of allocating capital towards solutions that will affect all of us.

The vast backgrounds of our attendees help to make the event experience and content well rounded and engaging.


We Value

We value equanimity, diversity, fierce authenticity, introspection, and joy, and we see taking responsibility for how we show up to the world as fundamental to how change occurs.

We Provide

The knowledge, tools and network that empower you to contribute in a way that lights you up. Leave with the energy that only being in community in nature can provide.

We Impact

Attendees leave feeling nourished from the inside out, with a new community of friends to take action with, and an exponentially deeper understanding of the macro forces that impact the problems that keep us up at night.


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Mental Health

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