School of Social Change Team


Kit Hayes, Founder

In addition to running the School, Kit leads Social Impact Marketing at YouTube, which allows anyone with a cell phone and internet connection to make or watch a video.  In this role, she focuses on how to leverage the 1.9 billion users who see over 450 hours of video every minute in 76 languages for the highest good. Previously, she led marketing for and Google Environment globally. Before joining Google, Kit led movements at Purpose related to human trafficking, clean water, renewable energy, the sharing economy, extreme poverty and renewable energy. Before changing careers, Kit worked on Madison Avenue as a strategist at advertising agencies including TBWA\Chiat\Day, Anomaly and What!If?.

Kit started the School because she wants to make it easier for people to contribute at their highest level. She believes each person has a unique contribution to make and that by sourcing and sharing these gifts, we will make more progress faster while also living more fulfilling lives. She’s passionate about helping people learn to think systemically, and wants the School to be a more effective, inclusive and nourishing way to get a deep understanding of the most complex issues of our time. Kit committed to starting the School in March of 2018, but didn’t want to do it alone. Two weeks later she met Dan Mitchell, who she considers her professional soulmate. Read more about why she started the School in Forbes


Daniel Mitchell, Co-founder

Dan Mitchell is a creative strategist and partnership alchemist, leveraging his marketing skills and relationships to grow organizations that transform individuals, communities, and society. 

Out of NYU film school he started his career in Hollywood working alongside critically acclaimed talent in feature film & television. Passionate about the potential of creative storytelling & culture to impact society, he helped launch GOOD, the millennial focused pro-social media brand and consultancy. 

A trip to the Serengeti led to joining TED in 2008 as an early employee, working with the team that expanded an annual ideas conference into a global, multi-platform media and learning organization. His work directing global partnerships drove substantial revenue and societal impact across the platform– securing major corporate and philanthropic funding and strategic partners for a wide range of programs – spanning TED events, TED Media, TED Prize initiatives, TED-Ed, TEDx, the TED Brand Studio, and the launch of the TED Institute. 

Following TED, he continues to consult to a range of mature companies and early stage ventures focused on social impact, innovation, and thought leadership.

Currently he is also devoting his time to building: EVRYMAN, an organization furthering men’s emotional well-being; The School of Social Change weekend gatherings to learn about the world’s biggest problems and their most promising solutions; and LIMINAL – a men’s focused wellness and personal growth platform.

In his spare time Dan is an intrepid traveler, retreat junkie, and obsessive skier. 


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