Addiction in America

Coming soon | The Land, Mendocino County, Ca

Addiction - to opioids, alcohol, sugar, love, busyness and more - is running rampant in America. We’re self soothing like never before in ways that just bring us more pain.

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll explore the issue from every major lever of power in society - business, technology, policy, law, culture, psychology, history and philosophy. You can expect to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of why addiction seems to have taken over our society, and what we can do about it. We’ll discuss the root of the problem - using poor vehicles to avoid pain and seek pleasure - and build solutions from there.

  • Connect with likeminded people to collaborate with or take action. The School attracts souls on the same wavelength and the event is designed to help you make new connections.

  • Learn how you can uniquely contribute. The School believes everyone has something unique to give and you’ll gain an understanding of what that means for you.

We’ll start each morning with yoga and meditation, share all of our meals together in the lodge, and spend our time connecting over this issue while we hike, star gaze, swim and picnic. Our lectures and discussions make the most of the natural environment we’re surrounded by. Expect to connect deeply and feel lit up with purpose.

Addiction is personal and has touched many of us - join us to find out what action you can take to make a difference using your skills, talents, passions and assets.






Historic trees of up to 500-years old dot the property, with the renowned Redwood Grove in Hendy Woods State Park, accessible from The Land by trail. The headwaters of the Navarro River is a significant feature of The Land experience. Bordering the property for thousands of feet with the Rancheria, Anderson and Indian creek tributaries in close proximity to the property makes for great swimming holes and river walks. The miles of forested trails are great for hiking and exploring.

There are 9 houses, 18 cabin units and 12 glamping tents on The Land. Accommodations range from glamping tents, shared cabins to single suites.

There are a variety of registration options to accommodate your budget. Price variation is dependent on the room and board option that you select. All registrations include:

  • Full access to School of Social Change speaker sessions

  • Three daily farm-to-table catered meals

  • Daily wellness activities including yoga, meditation, hikes and more.

  • Access to pool, swimming holes, hiking trails and more.

  • Wifi

  • Two nights of room & board

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