The School of social change is a place to learn about the world’s biggest problems and their most promising solutions.



What is the School of Social Change?

The School of Social Change is built on the belief that figuring out how to make a difference is too hard, and a little intimidating: What books are worth reading?, Who are the thought leaders?, What do both sides say about the issue you care about? Who’s doing work worth supporting? 

Our immersive learning experience brings students together with world-renowned subject matter experts to learn about the complex systems that both cause and solve problems. Attendees walk away with a deeper understanding of pressing issues, a framework for how social change happens and a plan for how they can uniquely make impact.

We believe in getting outside, so sessions happen at The Land, a setting that accelerates perspective change, allows for deeper focus and helps us connect to one another.

Upcoming Events


Mental Health Immersion

OCTOBER 12 - 14, 2018


Affordable Housing Crisis Immersion


Human Trafficking Immersion



Mental Health Immersion

Held in honor of World Mental Health Day, this weekend-long session provides a big picture view of why mental health is in decline and what can be done about it. You’ll sit fireside with nonprofit leaders, culture makers, academics, and entrepreneurs throughout the weekend to learn firsthand how they are tackling poor mental health outcomes head on.

October 12 - 14, 2018
The Land | Philo, California

I want everyone to feel welcome in the change community, regardless of where they are coming from or how much knowledge they have on an issue. It should be easy to get started.