Mental Health

October, 2018
Philo, California

School of Social Change hosted their first gathering in October, 2018, focused on providing a comprehensive view into why mental health is in decline and what can be done about it.

Suicide rates growing by 25%. A 37% increase in teens experiencing depressive episodes. An LGBTQ population that’s 3 times more likely to experience a mental health condition. A Black American population that’s 20% more likely to experience mental illness.

What’s at the root of all of this and what can you do to help?

A diverse and multigenerational community of experts, nonprofits, philanthropists, psychiatrists, healers and volunteers gathered to find out. Topics covered included: “Understanding the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health and How to Address It”, “The State of Men’s Mental Health”, “The State of Women’s Mental Health”, “The Role of Government in Mental Health and Where Both Sides Sit on the Issue”, “The Role of Art and Culture in Building the Movement” and “How to Leverage Big Data in Times of Mental Health Crisis”.





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