Stacy Tucker, RN


Stacy Tucker RN is an expert in healthcare crisis management, early prevention activist, social impact entrepreneur based in Kansas City. As a spiritual scientist and nurse trained in trauma and critical care, she utilizes her expertise to support next-generation biomedical research. As a proactive healthcare leader with an exceptional track record of entrepreneurship and scientific rigor, she supports high performing individuals in learning resilience and self-directed care by incorporating an East meets West approach, focusing on utilizing nutrition to boast metabolic performance and support cognitive challenges. She utilizes nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, meditation & embodiment in conjunction with western medicine, which has enabled her to deal with trauma from a pragmatic perspective. As a lifelong learner, she helped support and also participated in the cutting-edge global research study ‘Self Directed Biological Transformation” (SBTI). The SBTI was Chaired by Dr. Rudy Tanzi of Harvard Medical School and Dr. Deepak Chopra. The goal was to determine whether the practices of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga can reverse biological markers of aging, alter cellular biology, genomics, and the microbiome.

In 2016, Stacy co-founded Almeda Labs, a nutri-biotech company based in Kansas City and partners with leading scientists and biotech companies. Her research is focused in the area of type-2 diabetes and epigenetics, which is useful in measuring the effects of preventable disease modalities by studying the pressures and paradigms of past trauma.

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