Bryn Freedman


Bryn Freedman

Award-winning TV producer of Intervention, Investigative Journalist and Author

Over the course of her noted career, Bryn has been recognized repeatedly for setting new standards for storytelling. She was the original executive producer and show-runner of Intervention, the groundbreaking documentary series about addiction that won both an Emmy and a President’s Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Public Relation Society of America (PRISM.) In addition, she oversaw operations for ABC News in Los Angeles and won numerous awards as an investigative reporter. Bryn was named Best Reporter by Philadelphia Magazine who said: “she always gets the goods but has a poet’s sensibility." In addition to her Emmy Awards and PRISM Award, Bryn is also the recipient of an AP Award and a Society for National Journalists Award

Bryn has used her storytelling talents with private clients and companies for more than a decade.  The combination of her skills made her a natural choice for TED where she has worked as the Editorial Director and Curator for the TED Institute. Since 2014, Bryn has been executing TED events for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Her work at TED includes speaker coaching as well as overseeing all editorial content for events that she curates and hosts around the world. 

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