Cherie Healey

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Cherie Healey,

Founder, Board Certified Coach Possibilitarian

Cherie is a Possibilitarian.  She works with leaders in tech and entertainment to help them create workplaces that solve the world’s biggest problems. She does it by elevating their skills in mind and heart so they can become the leaders of the Imagination Age, tap limitless creativity and innovation and inspire a new way to work.

Cherie’s been working with corporate leaders for 20 years to develop brand and people for a better world. Through 1:1 coaching, Workshops, Speaking and Custom Designed Retreats, she lights the way at orgs like Google, X, Genentech, Nike, YouTube, Apple, GoDaddy, Fox Entertainment, I Heart Media and more. Her passion is to help leaders get what they want so they can change the world.  Her people are the ones who crave more, the big lights who refuse to settle.

She will help you develop your personal brand, be who you are here to be and do what you’re here to do.  In short, she’ll help you become your highest, best self. Then in no time, she’ll upgrade what you’re here to create, refining your brand, messaging and offering. A Board Certified Coach, Founder of One Woman Effect and the Bring It Group, Cherie blends a lifetime of study with great Masters in spirituality, strategy and transformation.

She’s a business owner and entrepreneur with degrees in Marketing, Communication and Strategic Intervention, and has worked with corporate leaders for 20 years to rise up and make a difference in the world.   A Corporate Culture Junkie, she’s on a mission to revolutionize the way we work.  Her workshops and retreats for organizations like Google and Genentech are fresh, innovative and game changing.

Bottom line:  Cherie lives to help people live. She cares deeply about removing the obstacles to desire, is a relentless optimist and wants everyone on this planet to enjoy the hell out of their lives.

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