Erika Radhansson


Erika Radhansson

Brand Manager at Google

Her work has ranged from helping nonprofits

use technology to accelerate their mission through Google for Nonprofits, to helping

tell the stories of the remarkable grantees they fund. She also works on initiatives in support of holidays and awareness days, like Prescription Drug Take Back Day, Veterans Day, and International Women’s Day.

Prior to Google, she was a Strategy Director at Purpose, working closely with NGOs, brands, and corporations to architect their social impact strategies. She’s consulted on more than twenty different social issues with partners, including cancer prevention, nuclear nonproliferation, LGBT rights, education, consumer

solar power, veterans community building and more. Before that, she worked with the nonpartisan voter registration organization Declare Yourself, helping them register more than

2 million voters, and encouraging wider participation through early voting initiatives. In addition, she traveled around the country with the Declaration of Independence, managing the tour that brought its fundamental message of civic engagement to libraries, schools, and museums across America.


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